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-4:30PM-8:30 PM (Dinner)

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Thai Food
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Lunch Specials

Sushi Rolls &

CONSUMER INFORMATION: Certain menu items contain raw or under cooked ingredients. There is some risk of illness if you eat raw or under cooked meat, eggs, fish, poultry or shell fish. If you have chronic problems with your liver, immune system, or other medical conditions, you could have increased risk of serious illness. If you are unsure of your risk, talk to your physician.

Lunch Menu

★ Lunch: 11:30-2:30

Lunch Combo

L1Pad Thai Chicken & California Roll 6 pc$11.50
L2Pad Thai Chicken & Spicy Tuna Roll 6 pc$12.50
L3Kra Pao & California Roll 6 pc$12.50
L4Kra Pao & Spicy Tuna Roll 6 pc$12.50

Sushi Lunch Combo

Combo I - 16 pcs7 pc 911 - Deep fried salmon, ground tuna, asparagus, cream cheese; 8 pc Rock-n-Roll - BBQ eel, avocado, sesame$15.45
Combo II - 16 pcs10 pc. Rainbow Roll - Tuna, salmon, tilapia; 6 pc. Spicy Tuna Roll$15.45

Sushi Special
& Nigiri

Sauce Sides$1
Add Cream Cheese$1
Add Jalapeño$1
Add Avocado$2
Deep Fry$2
Extra Meat$2
Extra Tobiko$2
Soy Wrap instead of Seaweed$2

Nigiri (2 pieces)

Crab stick$4.25
Crab salad$5.20
Lemon salmon$5.75
Seared salmon OR tuna$5.75
Spicy salmon OR tuna$5.75
Yellow Tail$6.25



CA Top

Base is a California Roll, listed ingredients placed on top

Deep Fried (May still be raw in center)


Contains Cream Cheese


Contains Shrimp

Sushi Special

Flavor Notes
1Vegetable RollCarrot, avocado, cucumber, sesame, asparagus. Vegan friendly.-$8.45
Flavor Notes
-Avocado RollAvocado, sesame. Vegan friendly.-$8.45
Flavor Notes
-Cucumber RollCucumber, sesame. Vegan friendly.-$8.45
Flavor Notes
2CaliforniaCrab stick, crab salad, cucumber, avocado, sesamePlain, safe bet if you're unsure$9.45
Flavor Notes
3 🐟AlaskaSalmon, avocado, sesame, cucumberPlain$10.45
Flavor Notes
4 🐟Tuna Tekka MakiTuna, green onion-$9.45
Flavor Notes
5 🐟Yellow Tail Tekka MakkiYellow tail, green onion-$10.45
Flavor Notes
6 🐟Spicy TunaSpicy tuna, cucumber, avocado, sesame, 3 saucesSpice is from Sriracha$10.45
Flavor Notes
7 🐟Spicy SalmonSpicy salmon, cucumber, avocado, sesame, 3 saucesSpice is from Sriracha$10.45
Flavor Notes
8Crunchy RollCrab salad, crab stick, avocado, cucumber, 2 sauces-$10.45
Flavor Notes
9 🐮 🐟Cream Cheese RollChoice of salmon, tuna, or crabstick, 2 sauces-$15
Flavor Notes
10🍤Shrimp TempuraShrimp, cucumber, avocado, fried onion, 2 saucesOn the blander side$12.45
Flavor Notes
11 ⒻSoft Shell CrabFried soft shell crab, crab salad, lettuce, cucumber, 2 saucesNeutral taste, refreshing and crunchy$11.45
Flavor Notes
12 🐮 Ⓕ911 (7-8 pieces)Deep fried salmon, crab stick, avocado, ground tuna, asparagus, cream cheese, 2 saucesSlight spice, sweet$14.45
Flavor Notes
13 🐟DragonCA Top, avocado, spicy tuna, 2 sauces, green onion-$15.45
Flavor Notes
14🐮 ⒻPhilliSalmon, cream cheese, cucumber, 2 sauces (Eel & Spicy Mayo)Sweet, drier than the 911$14.45
Flavor Notes
15Superb RollCA Top, baked salmon, 2 sauces, green onion, sesameHot (Not spicy), very meaty, little spice$14.45
Flavor Notes
16Green DragonCA Top, avocado, 2 sauces, sesamePlain$14
Flavor Notes
17 🐟Red DragonCA Top, tuna, crab, 2 saucesPlain$15.45
Flavor Notes
18 🐟Yellow DragonCA Top, salmon, crab, two saucesMeaty, slight spice$15.45
Flavor Notes
19 🐟HurricaneTempura crispy mix, top, tuna, crab, 2 sauces, green onion-$15.45
Flavor Notes
20 🐟RainbowCA Top, tuna, salmon, 2 sauces-$16.45
Flavor Notes
21 🐟HawaiianCA Top, tuna, salmon, 3 saucesSalty$16.45
Flavor Notes
22 🐟Pink Lady Soy WrapTuna, salmon, avocado, green onion, crab stick, 2 saucesSweet, savory$15.45

Superb Chef Special

Flavor Notes
23 🐟Hot BSU HotSpicy tuna, crab, cucumber, avocado, baked seafood topping, 3 sauces, green onions, tobiko-$16.45
Flavor Notes
24〰️🍤🐟Fire Dragon2 shrimp tempura, salmon, spicy tuna, cucumber, BBQ eel, 3 sauces, green onion, sesame-$17.45
Flavor Notes
25🍤🐟New Year2 shrimp tempura, asparagus, spicy tuna, green onion, tobiko, sesame, topped with tuna & spicy tuna, 3 sauces-$16.45
Flavor Notes
26 ⒻThanksgivingFried chicken, snow crab, cucumber, top spicy tuna, fried onion, 2 sauces-$16.45
Flavor Notes
27 🐮 🐟KamikazeCream cheese, crab, spicy tuna, cucumber, top tuna, salmon, avocado, mixed seafood, 3 sauces, green onion, tobiko-$18
Flavor Notes
28〰️🐟Black DragonCrab, salmon, avocado, cucumber, top BBQ eel, 3 sauces, green onionMeaty and sweet. If you want eel, this is the roll$17.45
Flavor Notes
29 Ⓕ🐮YummiCream cheese, crab, spicy tuna, asparagus, salmon, deep fried, 3 sauces, green onion, tobikoSlight spice, more on the bland side$17.45
Flavor Notes
30 Ⓕ🐮Deep SeaSeaweed salad, cream cheese, salmon, spicy tuna, tuna, 3 sauces, green onion, tobikoSalty, sweet$17.45
Flavor Notes
31🍤🐟Halloween2 shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, cucumber, top tuna, salmon, crunchy tempura, green onion, tobiko, 3 saucesSlight spice, more bland than the Sex on the Moon$17.45
Flavor Notes
32 🐮🍤Bronco2 shrimp tempura, asparagus, cream cheese, top seafood baked, 3 sauces, green onion, tobikoZero spice$17.45
Flavor Notes
33🍤🐟Sea of LoveSpicy tuna, asparagus, shrimp tempura, top seared tuna, crunchy tempura, tobiko, 3 saucesVery savory, slight spice but not overpowering$17.45
Flavor Notes
34 🐮🐟First LoveSoft shell crab, asparagus, cream cheese, top salmon, tuna, 3 sauces-$18.45
Flavor Notes
35 🐮 〰️🍤🐟Sex on the MoonBBQ eel, shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese, top tuna, seared tuna, tobiko, green onion, sesame, 3 saucesSweet and very meaty.$17.45
Flavor Notes 
Flavor Notes
37 Ⓕ🐮🍤🐟The Ultimate RollSoft shell crab, shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, salmon, tuna, crab salad, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, roe, 3 saucesA whole meal. Slight spice, very meaty. Basically a sandwich.$20.45
Flavor Notes
Flavor Notes
39 🐟〰️Dynamite RollBBQ eel, spicy tuna, cucumber, crab, top with baked seafood, 3 sauces, green onion, tobiko-$17.45

Chef's Special


Mok SeafoodAll baked: Mussel, tuna, salmon, tako/octopus & squid, topped with orange. Goat cheese, scallions, tobiko, sesame, with our homemade seafood sauce. Slight spice$14.95
Shrimp Shumai (6 pc)Steamed shrimp dumplings with dumpling sauce, scallions & cilantro$12
Deep Fried CalamariServed with spicy mayo$10
Dynamite Mussels (6pc)Bake with our homemade Dynamite sauce, bread crumbs, topped with scallions and sweet soy$12

Chef's Special

🌶️Hamachi Tataki SashimiPan-seared yellowtail jack with scallion, garlic, & ponzu$17.99
🌶️Tuna & MangoPepper-seared tuna, mango, fried sweet potato with ponzu & orange oil$16.99
🌶️Superb Sake - Salmon SashimiPan-seared salmon and chili pepper, garlic, ponzu, orange oil & tobiko$16.99
Sashimi Plate★Chef's Choice. 15 slices of fresh, premium fish, served with kizami wasabi & miso soup$38
Tuna & goat cheese sashimiYellowfin tuna. Goat cheese, fuji apple, salt, pepper, garlic, ponzu & olive oil.$16.99
🌶️🌶️🌶️HamachiliSpicy. Yellowtail sashimi with orange supreme ponzu sauce. Thai chili, salt, pepper, garlic, tobiko & orange oil$17.99
Specialty Tiradito Sashimi (6 pc)Your choice of tuna OR salmon. Served with Japanese citrus lime oil, chili oil, sriracha, cilantro & Hawaiian salt$15.99 | Yellowtail - $16.99
Tuna OR Salmon Sashimi (4 pc)-$8.75
Yellowtail Sashimi (4 pc)-$8.95
Sushi ComboYour choice of roll: Spicy Tuna OR Spicy Salmon. Includes 8 pc of nigiri. 2 pc of each: Tuna, salmon, yellowtail jack, tako/octopus$28
Chirashi★Chef's Choice. 12 slices of assorted sashimi top a bowl of sushi rice$25
Fuji RollTuna, goat cheese, Fuji apple topped with fried sweet potato & sweet soy$15
🌶️Holy Goat RollSoy wrap with black pepper, goat cheese, tuna, jalapeño, deep fried; Then topped with mixed tuna, Fuji apple, avocado, scallions & sweet potato$19.50